Savage Roberts Publishing

Research, Writing, and Lunch

Bryan Roberts has always loved writing—but only thought of it as a hobby. Recently, he has taken his hobby and turned it into an avo- cation. He has a flair for the dramatic, and it is no wonder. When he’s not writing, he’s in an operating room working in health care and the extraordinary world of trauma; he also has a love for historic places.

Once while volunteering as a stagehand at the closed Ambassador Hotel, he was in the kitchen; he saw where the walls had been stripped bare and was told the FBI had taken everything to reconstruct. Looking at the floor and imagining Bobby Kennedy had just been shot was one of the most haunting things he had seen, and one memory is written in this novel from that kitchen.

With his curiosity in overdrive, he snuck off alone, seeing the dust- covered lobby, empty mailbox slots, and the blocked-off grand staircase piled high with tangled furniture, making it impossible for him to go any further. Retreating in a frightened run, he ran back down the long abandoned hallways back to the stage.

Roberts’ experiences have exposed him to amazing places and people. These elements surely inform his writing. With his imagination spurred, he has invented a completely new style of storytelling that blends the drama of reality TV with the adrenaline-pumping style of the murder-mystery thriller.

His enthusiasm for his latest work is evidenced by his multimedia approach to marketing. He has written and filmed both a short video and original song that complement his writing. Look for the song, “Savage Night” on Bryan’s Author page on Amazon.


About the music—In the back of my mind I had wanted to find something, and for months nothing would come. That was until a trip to San Diego. And I'll add, writing fiction comes to me easily, song writing on the other hand is quite another animal all together.

After a writing lunch, I was sitting on a retaining wall looking at the boats and the "Savage Nights" lyrics poured out from me.

It was magic.